Adult ADHD Assessment

Is this right for me?

Adult ADHD assessments are conducted for various reasons. College students often seek evaluations to determine their eligibility for accommodations, while adults may consider ADHD medications but require confirmation of a diagnosis. An ADHD evaluation provides a definitive diagnosis and tailored treatment recommendations. 

How does the assessment work?

Prior to your assessment, you will complete a brief history questionnaire and psychological testing online.  These will take about an hour. All of these questionnaires are completed at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.  This testing includes the NEO personality inventory, which is administered to see how your personality might be causing some of your problems. This testing provides a comprehensive and objective foundation for a well-informed and impartial clinical interview. Additionally, you are encouraged to submit up to three personal questions regarding your personality, cognitive abilities, or mental health to create personalized outcomes. 

The assessment will consist of two appointments.  During the first appointment, you will meet with a clinician for approximately 1.5-2 hours to gather data about your cognitive functioning.  The clinician will administer an ADHD test battery, or a series of several cognitive tests. This battery measures every major area of cognitive functioning, including IQ, memory, language, executive functioning, and most of all attention. Examination of these test scores will help determine if your attention is a weakness to your other areas (in other words, to see if you have an attention deficit). An accurate diagnosis of ADHD cannot must include this type of cognitive testing, which is frequently skipped in favor of checklists that can be quickly completed! At the conclusion of the first appointment, you will take a completed computer-based assessments in the office including the SPECTRA, a psychological test that examines your psychological functioning. You will also take a computerized test that examines your attention, and processing speeds. The clinician will score these instruments and provide the data to Drs. Tarescavage or Deggelman to interpret.

During your second appointment, you will participate in an interview with your psychologist (Dr. Tarescavage or Dr. Deggelman). This interview will last about 1 to 1.5 hours, and focuses determining the root causes of your problems and the correct diagnosis; this may include ADHD and/or other mental health problems. It is crucial to differentiate between ADHD and other disorders that may mimic it (such as anxiety disorders); some treatments for ADHD may exacerbate symptoms of other conditions. For example, those without ADHD who are prescribed stimulant medications for it may see an increase in anxiety (which will increase concentration issues!)

Following the in-person evaluation is completed, we will completed a detailed report of  5- to 8-page  detailing our findings and clinical opinions. You will receive the report within five business days of the evaluation, assuming no additional records are required. The report is written so that you can share it with future treatment providers. This way you are placed on the correct medications and/or receive the correct counseling. 

One to two weeks after receiving the report, you will meet schedule a 15- to 30-minute virtual feedback session with your assessment psychologist to review the report, address any questions, and discuss treatment recommendations. 

How much does it cost?

The total fee for the evaluation is $1250, which includes both appointments, report and feedback session. We accept HSA/FSA and credit card.  You can learn more about why we do not take health insurance  here: A non-refundable deposit of fee of $50 is required to book the appointment, and the remaining balance of 1200 dollars is due 48 hours prior to the appointment.

We hope you will consider using our services as the best and fastest way to getting on track with your mental health!