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If you are interested in a forensic assessment

Insurance will never cover forensic assessments, such as evaluations for courts, disability exams, fitness for duty evaluations, adoption evaluations, or pre-hire screenings. But we do offer 6-month interest free financing, subject to credit approval (apply below). If applicable, you can also use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for this evaluation from us.  The cost of a forensic evaluation will range from $125 to $250 per month with this financing, depending on the type of assessment. Our prices are the lowest you will pay for a high-quality forensic assessment. The fee is due the day of the assessment. 

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6 Months No Interest if Paid in Full (No Credit Check to Prequalify)

If you are interested in a clinical assessment

Although insurance companies will cover psychological assessments for treatment purposes, they put strict limits on payments, and basically all providers are paid the same (low) rate regardless of the quality of their assessments.

For example, if we were to accept insurance, we would get reimbursed less than HALF of our usual and customary fees!  We would have to put in half the effort to make up the difference.

Why we do not accept insurance for clinical assessments

We are totally unwilling to sacrifice the quality of our assessments, so for this reason we do not accept insurance. Although you might think it is better to just get an evaluation paid for by insurance, what you are likely to find is that it will cost you in the long run

The wrong diagnosis could mean you get put on the wrong medications, that you target the wrong problems in counseling, and that you get matched with a counselor whose therapy style is a poor fit for your problems.

The wrong diagnosis and the wrong treatment recommendations will not only set you back financially but also waste your time and set you up for failure

Our private-pay clinical assessments are the highest-quality and affordable

We see you as a person deserving of respect and the highest quality care possible. You are not a number that we need to cram into our schedules to be profitable like some who take health insurance. Fortunately, because we do not take health insurance, we save money, and we pass on those savings to you. We don’t need to pay for a billing service to deal with dozens of overly-complex insurance portals. We don’t need to worry about payments forever lost because even after fighting the insurance companies they will not reimburse the costs. Did you know these two things alone typically lead to a 20% loss in revenue from insurance companies?! It is no wonder why the mental health  practices that are in most demand are private pay only.

In our case, we pass on the savings from not taking health insurance to you, our client. Our upfront costs are competitive. Not only that, but the costs can be financed for six months without interest, subject to credit approval. This can lower the shock that a lump sum payment can  do to your finances. You will pay between $70-$200 per month when using the six month interest free financing (apply below). If applicable, you can also use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for this evaluation from us.  Full rates are $450 for a mental health evaluation and $1250 for an ADHD evaluation. This flat rate includes everything–all psychological testing, the clinical interview, the report, and a 30 minute feedback session. The fee is due prior to the evaluation appointment. 

care credit
6 Months No Interest if Paid in Full (No Credit Check to Prequalify)

We hope that you will consider Cleveland Psychological Testing as the beginning of your fastest, easiest, and best path towards achieving your mental health. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

No worries, we'll get your problems sorted. I promise.
Anthony Tarescavage
Dr. T
CEO & Psychologist