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Cleveland Psychological Testing conducts objective, comprehensive, and evidence-based clinical, forensic, and police psychological evaluations that withstand the strongest scrutiny


No waitlist and assessment reports are completed within three business days of receiving all necessary information


Assessments include psychological testing and are conducted in a scientific, data-informed framework


Transparent and competitive fees in exchange for the highest-quality psychological evaluations

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Anthony Tarescavage

Dr. Tarescavage

I am a professor, researcher, and Ohio-licensed forensic and clinical psychologist. My expertise is in psychological assessment, particularly in civil, criminal, and public safety settings. I have published over 6o articles on psychological testing in scientific journals and books. What this means is that the publishers and reviewers of the articles believed that I had important knowledge to share with others about psychological testing. The average licensed psychologist has zero published scientific articles, and I am the most published forensic and clinical psychologist actively practicing in Northeast Ohio. I am a workshop presenter for American Psychological Association approved continuing education trainings on psychological assessment. As a forensic psychologist, I have completed 1000+ psychological assessments (mostly forensic assessments). I routinely conduct clinical assessments (including ADHD testing) as well to better the mental health of those in my community.